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Social networks in PR – Petition to name the street after Milan Mladenovic

Notice:  My blog post on Serbian language from November is very good example how to use Facebook, and other social networks, for activism.

A question “Do you like EKV?” is completely pointless if you know that I was born in 1966 and that I held keyboards for Margita at their first concert I visited in Sarajevo, where I lived in ‘80s. The stage in punk club “Kuk” in the basement under the mortgage of Faculty of Medical Sciences, made of several beer crates, was not very stabile…

I would not like to lament over ‘90s, after all, all of us have the right to make own choices. Milan and the others were not endangering the others while destroying themselves, but who destroyed them…?

Nevertheless, when I was invited, I joined FB group Petition to name the street after Milan Mladenovic, and I will come around Trg on Friday late afternoon. You too should come!

Signing the petition seeking the tribute to Milan Mladenovic in Belgrade will be on:
Friday, November 7th, at 7 PM at Trg Republike,
Saturday, November 8th, at 2 PM at Trg Republike

I would like to invite you to join in the largest number possible, as here are 5000 of us, in order to deliver the initiative to the competent authorities as soon as possible so they could take it into consideration.

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