Miloje Sekulić


Formed the first independent internet focused sector in any PR agency in Serbia, and probably in the Region, and made it financially independent in the first three months.

Created, organized and implemented the first seminar dedicated to E-PR in Serbia with 50 participants, supported and followed up by more than 20 media outlets and influential bloggers.

Created, organized and introduced commercially to the agency McCann Erickson PR the first on-line clipping system (e-clipping) in Serbia and the Region.

Successfully worked for some of the most famous world brands and companies as well as for some of the most important domestic companies:
- Coca-Cola (online PR campaign for launching the site, online PR campaigns for promoting new products Coke Zero and Burn, online PR campaign EURO 2008, continuous care for online reputation of the company and brands, consulting the client on site redesign and online PR campaign for it’s promotion)
- KPMG (care for companies online reputation, online media relations)
- Telenor (continuous care for it’s online reputation and research of netizen’s attitudes about it’s products and services)
- Unilever (online part of the PR campaign “The Beauty of Being Different”/”Lepota različitosti”)
- Carlsberg (care for companies online reputation, online media relations)
- Ericcson (consulting for the localization of the corporate web site)
- Schering Bayer Pharma (creating the online PR strategy for caring about reproductive health, consulting for SEO)
- Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking Centre  (online PR campaign for which for the first time a software widget was developed and used in Serbia)
- EFG Eurobank (continuous care of online reputation)
- MK Group (creating and realizing the strategy to improve internet presence, managing the project web site redesign)
- Tigar (creating the strategy to improve the company’s internet presence)

E magazine was the most read business-economy magazin in Serbia during 2005 and 2006 (according to Strategic Marketing research)

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